Art Scrambles for iPad

Alma-Tadema Art Nouveau Posters Bosch Bosch Haywain Bouguereau I-II Brueghel Brueghel Proverbs Caravaggio Cassatt Cezanne Expressionists Fra Angelico I-II Hals Hiroshige Edo I-II, Tokaido Impressionists I-II Manet I-III Masterpieces I-VI Monet I-III Neo-Impressionists I-II Realists Rembrandt I-II Renaissance I-II Renoir Rubens Seurat Tissot Toulouse-Lautrec I-II Van Gogh I-III Vermeer I-III
Lawrence Alma-Tadema top
An Oleander Anna Alma-Tadema Bluebells
Cherries Flora Spring in the Gardens of the Villa Borghese Miss Alice Lewis
Phidias Showing the Frieze of the Parthenon to his Friends Spring Flowers The Education of the Children of Clovis
The Finding of Moses Unconscious Rivals
Art Nouveau Posters top
Henri Privat-LivemontAbsinthe Robette Ivan Y. BilibinIvan Tsarevich Catching the Firebird's Feather Ivan Y. BilibinVasilisa the Beautiful
Alphonse MuchaBières de la Meuse Alphonse MuchaBiscuits-Lefevre-Utile Alphonse MuchaBlue Deschamps
Alphonse MuchaF. Champenois Imprimeur Editeur Alphonse MuchaJob Cigarettes 1 Alphonse MuchaZodiac
Elisabeth SonrelOur Lady of the Cow Parsley Theophile SteinlenLa Tournée du Chat Noir
Hieronymus Bosch top
BoschAdoration of the Magi BoschChrist Carrying the Cross BoschChrist Carrying the Cross
BoschChrist Crowned with Thorns BoschCrowned with Thorns BoschCutting the Stone
BoschEcce Homo BoschEcce Homo BoschChrist Carrying the Cross
BoschThe Conjurer BoschThe Temptation of St. Anthony
Hieronymus Bosch: The Haywain Triptych top
Center Panel Detail 1 Detail 2
Detail 3 Detail 4 Detail 5
Detail 6 Detail 7 Detail 8
Detail 9 Detail 10
William-Adolphe Bouguereau I top
A Childhood Idyll Far From Home Lady Maxwell
Moissoneuse Parure des Champs Portrait of Gabrielle Cot
The Bird Ch Ri The Crab The Nut Gatherers
The Shell Woman of Cervara and her Child
William-Adolphe Bouguereau II top
A Little Coaxing At the Edge of the Brook Daisies
Gypsy Girl with a Basque Drum Homer and his Guide Knitting Machine
Little Sulky Pleasant Burden Rest in Harvest
Self-Portrait Presented to M. Sage The Secret
Pieter Brueghel the Elder top
Haymaking Hunters in the Snow The Wedding Dance
The Peasant Wedding The Adoration of the Kings The Beggars
The Country Dance Netherlandish Proverbs The Harvesters
The Land of Cockaigne The Blind Leading the Blind
Pieter Brueghel the Elder: Netherlandish Proverbs top
Netherlandish Proverbs "One shears sheep, the other shears pigs" "Feel the hens"
"Puts the blue cloak on her husband" "Hangs the cloak according to the wind" "Can't bear to see the sun shining on the water"
"One winds on the distaff what the other spins" "Bang your head against a brick wall" "Hold an eel by the tail"
"To fall from the ox onto the rear end of an ass" "To lead each other by the nose"
Caravaggio top
Bacchus Cardsharps Conversion on the Way to Damascus
Death of the Virgin Martha and Mary Magdalene Martyrdom of Saint Peter
Sacrifice of Isaac The Musicians The Supper at Emmaus
The Taking of Christ Young Sick Bacchus
Mary Cassatt top
Children on the Beach Child in a Straw Hat Emmie and her Child
Five O'Clock Tea Girl Ranging her Hair Miss Mary Ellison
Self-Portrait Summertime The Boating Party
Woman with a Pearl Necklace in a Loge Young Mother Sewing
Paul Cezanne top
Basket of Apples Jas de Bouffan Madame Cezanne in a Red Dress
Mont Sainte Victoire Portrait of Victor Chocquet Seated Pyramid of Skulls
Jug and Fruit on a Table The Overture to Tannhauser: The Artist's Mother and Sister The Smoker
Woman in a Green Hat Woman in Blue (Madame Cezanne)
Thomas Eakins top
Between Rounds Mending the Net Portrait of Professor Benjamin H. Rand
Shad Fishing at Gloucester on the Delaware River Taking the Count Taking Up the Net
The Artist's Wife and his Setter Dog The Biglin Brothers Racing The Chess Player
The Dancing Lesson The Gross Clinic
Expressionists top
Wassily KandinskyArabs (Cemetery) Wassily KandinskyBlue Mountain August MackeMarket in Algiers
August MackeStill Life Hyacinths Carpet August MackeThe Hat Shop August MackeWoman with a Yellow Jacket
Franz MarcBlue Horse I Franz MarcThe Yellow Cow Gabriele MünterHouse in Winter
Gabriele MünterJawlensky and Werefkin Gabriele MünterPortrait of a Young Woman
Fra Angelico I top
Bosco ai Frati Altarpiece Condemnation of St. Lawrence by the Emperor Valerian Coronation of the Virgin (detail)
Madonna with Saints Perugia Altarpiece (left panel) Receiving the Stigmata
St. Lawrence Receiving the Treasures of the Church from Pope Sixtus II St. Lawrence Distributing Alms The Story of St. Nicholas
The Virgin of the Annunciation Virgin Mary Annuciate
Fra Angelico II top
Lamentation over Christ Nailing of Christ to the Cross Perugia Altarpiece (right panel)
St. Cosmas and St. Damian before Lisius St. Stephen Being Led to his Martyrdom The Healing of Justinian by St. Cosmas and St. Damian
The Story of St. Nicholas The Story of St. Nicholas — St. Nicholas Saves the Ship (detail) The Story of St. Nicholas — The Death of the Saint
Virgin and Child (detail) Virgin and Child
Frans Hals top
Cathatina Hooft with her Nurse Da Magere Compagnie Lesender Knabe
Malle Babbe Officers of the St. George Civic Guard of Haarlem Shrovetide Revellers
Singing Boy with Flute The Gypsy Girl The Jolly Reveller
The Lute Player Young Man and Woman in an Inn (Yonker Ramp and his Sweetheart)
Hiroshige: One Hundred Famous Views of Edo I top
Ryogoku Bridge and the Great Riverbank, #59 View of Nihonbashi itchome Street, #44 Plum Orchard in Kamada, #27
Hatsune Riding Ground in Bakuro-cho, #6 The Fukagawa Lumberyards, #106 Asakusa Ricefields and Torinomachi Festival, #101
The Kawaguchi Ferry and Zenkoji temple, #20 Ueno Yamashita, #12 Suido Bridge and the Surugadai Quarter, #48
The Ferry at Haneda and the Benten Shrine, #72 Fireworks by Ryogoku Bridge, #98
Hiroshige: One Hundred Famous Views of Edo II top
Plum Park in Kameido, #30 Kumano Jūnisha Shrine at Tsunohazu, #50 Sudden Shower over Shin-Ōhashi bridge and Atake, #58
Horikiri Iris Garden, #64 The Dyers' Quarter in Kanda, #75 Night View of Sarukawa-machi, #90
Minowa, Kanasugi and Mikawashima, #102 Fukagawa Susaki and Jūmantsubo, #107 Meguro Drum Bridge and Sunset Hill, #111
Atagoshita and Yabu Lane, #112 Kitsunebi on New Year's Night under the Enoki Tree, #118
Hiroshige: The Fifty-three Stations of the Tokaido top
Kameyama Shono Kyoto
Tsuchiyama Okabe Miya
Hakone Kanbara Okazaki
Ejiri Sakanoshita
Impressionists I top
Gustave CaillebotteParis Street in Rainy Weather Paul CezanneBoy In Red Vest Claude MonetWater Lilies and Clouds
Edgar DegasAbsinthe Peder Severin KrøyerHip, Hip, Hurrah! Edouard ManetBoating
Edouard ManetA Bar at the Folies Bergère Claude MonetTerrace at Sainte Adresse Claude MonetThe Cliffs at Etretat
Berthe MorisotThe Cradle Paul CezannePortrait of the Artist's Father
Impressionists II top
Claude MonetSunrise Camille PissarroBoulevard Montmartre Claude MonetThe Rouen Cathedral in Light
Paul CezanneStill Life with Curtain and Flowered Pitcher Paul CezanneCard Players Edgar DegasDance Class
Paul GauguinMata Mua Winslow HomerSummer Edouard ManetPortrait of Berthe Morisot
Pierre-Auguste RenoirDancer Claude MonetWoman with a Parasol
Edouard Manet I top
A Boy and his Dog Argenteuil Mademoiselle the Costume of an Espada
Pinks and Clematis in a Crystal Vase Railway Spring Study of Jeanne Demarsy
The Brioche The Fifer The Grand Canal of Venice, Blue Venice
The Monet Family in their Garden at Argenteuil Young Woman in the Garden
Edouard Manet II top
At Father Lathuille At the Cafe Boy Blowing Bubbles
Execution of Emperor Maximilian Luncheon in the Studio Masked Ball at the Opera
Peonies Rose and Tulip Rue Mosnier Decorated with Flags
The House at Rueil Woman Fastening her Garter
Edouard Manet III top
Corner of a Cafe Concert Dead Matador Head of a Dog
House in Rueill In the Conservatory Música en las Tullerías
Nana Plum The Races in the Bois de Boulogne
The Ragpicker The Spanish Singer
Masterpieces I top
AltdorferThe Battle of Alexander at Issus AngelicoSt. Peter Consecrates St. Lawrence AudobonSnowy Owls
Mary CassattThe Bath CezanneThe Blue Vase CoolidgeA Friend in Need
CopleyPortrait of Paul Revere GainsboroughThe Blue Boy GoyaPortrait of Maria Theresa de Vallabriga on Horseback
Juan GrisPortrait of Pablo Picasso Henri de Toulouse LautrecMoulin Rouge
Masterpieces II top
BottlicelliPortrait of a Young Woman HicksPeaceable Kingdom MonetHotel des Roches Noires Trouville
MooreA Revery PealeSelf Portrait of the Artist in His Museum RenoirAlfred Sisley and His Wife
SargentCarnation Lily Lily Rose SeuratA Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte VaneyckThe Arnolfini Marraige
WaterhouseOphelia Pieter Brughel the ElderPeasant Wedding
Masterpieces III top
Domenico GhirlandaioAn Old Man and His Grandson Domenico GhirlandaioPortrait of Giovanna Tornabuoni August MackeView into a Lane
DürerA Young Hare August MackeSt. Mary's with Houses and Chimney DürerOswalt Krel
RenoirLa Moulin de la Galette RenoirThe Two Sisters on the Terrace Vincent Van GoghThe Potato Eaters
Vincent Van GoghJoseph Roulin (The Postman) Vincent Van GoghWheat Field with crows
Masterpieces IV top
Celtic MonksBook of Kells, Madonna and Child Sandro BotticelliCestello Annunciation CaravaggioSaint Jerome
Caspar David FriedrichWreck in the Sea of Ice Leonardo da VinciLa Belle Ferronnière Jacques-Louis DavidNapoleon Crossing the Alps
Diego VelázquezPortrait of Pope Innocent X GiorgioneCastelfranco Madonna Francisco GoyaThe Duchess of Alba
Henry Ossawa TannerGateway, Tangier RaphaelSistine Madonna
Masterpieces V top
Francisco GoyaThe Third of May J.A.D. IngresPortrait of Mme. Moitessier Jacques-Louis DavidOath of the Horatii
John S. CopleyA Boy with a Flying Squirrel John Singer SargentEl Jaleo Joseph WrightA Philosopher Giving a Lecture at the Orrery
Juan S. CotánStill Life with Game Fowl, Vegetables, and Fruits Gustav KlimtThe Kiss Edvard MunchThe Scream
Paolo UccelloThe Battle of San Romano RaphaelYoung Woman with Unicorn
Masterpieces VI top
GiorgioneThree Philosophers Piero della FrancescaThe Baptism of Christ Pieter ClaeszVanitas
PontormoPortrait of a Lady in Red Dress RaphaelThe Holy Family of Francis I Rembrandt van RijnPortrait of an Elderly Man
Samuel van HoogstratenTrompe-l'oeil CanalettoThe Grand Canal from the Campo San Vio Venice James TissotYoung Lady in a Boat
Diego VelázquezLas Meninas Victor GilbertMarket Day
Claude Monet I top
Apples and Grapes Bathers at Le Grenouillere Camille Monet on a Bench
Dejeuner sur l'herbe Haystacks (Effect of Snow and Sun) Houses on the Achterzaan
Jean Monet on his Hobby Horse La Gare Saint-Lazare The Boardwalk at Trouville
The Old Rue de la Chaussee, Argenteuil Water Lilies
Claude Monet II top
Train Station Saint Lazare in Paris Bouquet of Sunflowers Haystacks at Giverny
Jean Monet in the Cradle La Grenouillère Pont of Honfleur Sun
The Luncheon The Magpie The Pont Neuf
The Studio Boat Water Lilies
Claude Monet III top
Farmyard at Chailly Flowered Riverbank, Argenteuil Pont Argenteuil
Rouen Cathedral at Sunset Still Life with Melon The Beach at Sainte-Adresse
The Beach at Trouville The Stroller Twilight Venice
Vetheuil in Summer Women in Garden
Neo-Impressionists I top
Alfred William FinchBox at the Theater Camille PissarroHaying at Eragny Charles AngrandThe Guardian of Turkeys
Charles AngrandThe Western Railway at its Exit from Paris Albert Dubois-PilletLittle Circus Camp Albert Dubois-PilletThe Towers, Saint Sulpice
George LemmenPortait of Mme. Lemmen Henri-Edmond CrossThe Evening Air Maximilien LuceNotre Dame de Paris
Paul SignacCapo di Noli Paul SignacWomen at the Well
Neo-Impressionists II top
Charles AngrandThe Harvesters Henri-Edmond CrossThe Farm, Evening Jean MetzingerWoman with a Hat
Maximilien LuceMadame Luce on the Balcony Robert A. PinchonLe Pont aux Anglais, Soleil Couchant SeuratThe Channel at Gravelines in the Direction of the Sea
Paul SignacPortrait of Félix Fénéon Paul SignacWoman Taking Up her Hair Georges SeuratThe Maria Honfleur
Theo van RysselbergheAnna Boch Theo van RysselbergheThe Woman in White
Realists top
William-Adolphe BouguereauShepherdess William-Adolphe BouguereauThe Countess de Montholon Gustave CourbetThe Meeting
Gustave CourbetThe Stone Breakers Jean-François MilletThe Gleaners Illarion PryanishnikovJokers
Ilya RepinSlavic Composers Ilya RepinGirl with Flowers, Daughter of the Artist Ilya RepinNatalia Nordmann
Ilya RepinPortrait of Sophie Menter Diego VelázquezThe Farmers' Lunch
Rembrandt I top
A Polish Nobleman Artemisia Belshazzar's Feast
Christ in the Storm on the Lake of Galilee Jeremiah Lamenting the Destruction of Jerusalem Portrait of Jan Six
Rembrandt and Saskia in the Parable of the Prodigal Son Self-portrait at 34 Self-portrait at 49
The Anatomy Lesson The Artist in his Studio
Rembrandt II top
Self-portrait at 52 Self-portrait at 53 The Conspriracy of the Latvians under Claudius Civilis
The Girl in a Picture Frame The Man with the Golden Helmet The Mill
The Nightwatch The Philosopher in Meditation The Polish Rider
The Return of the Prodigal Son The Syndics of the Amsterdam Drapers Guild
Renaissance I top
MantegnaThe Lamentation over the Dead Christ MasaccioChrist and the Tribute MichelangeloCreation of Adam, Sistine Chapel
PeruginoChrist Giving Peter the Keys of the Kingdom, Sistine Chapel Piero della FrancescaThe Flagellation of Christ RaphaelMarriage of the Virgin
RaphaelThe School of Athens Francesco del CossaTriumph of Venus Paolo UccelloThe Battle of San Romano
Jan van EyckArnolfini Portrait Rogier van der WeydenThe Descent from the Cross
Renaissance II top
Giovanni BelliniSan Zaccaria Altarpiece Giovanni BelliniSt. Francis in Ecstasy Sandro BotticelliPallas and the Centaur
Sandro BotticelliPortrait of Simonetta Vespucci Sandro BotticelliPrimavera Sandro BotticelliThe Birth of Venus
Albrecht DürerSelf-portrait Jean FouquetEtienne Chevalier with St. Stephen Domenico GhirlandaioBirth of Mary
Domenico GhirlandaioPortrait of a Young Man in Red Andrea MantegnaThe Court of Mantua
Pierre-Auguste Renoir top
Ball at the Moulin de la Galette Girl with a Watering Can In Summer The Gypsy
Pont Neuf Portrait of the Couple Sisley The Box
The Luncheon of the Boating Party Two Sisters on the Terrace Umbrellas
Woman in a Lace Blouse Young Woman with a Veil
Peter Paul Rubens top
The Duke of Lerma Hippo Hunting Kaiser Maximilian I
Night Scene Clara Serena Rubens Maria Serra Pallavicino
The Painter and his Wife Isabella Brant Sultan Mulay Ahmad de Tunis The Last Supper
The Straw Hat Two Satyrs
Georges Seurat top
Bathers in Asnières Circus Sideshow Le Chahut
The Circus The Eiffel Tower The Seine and La Grand Jatte: Springtime
The Bridge at Courbevoie The Channel of Gravelines, Petit Fort Philippe The Harbour and the Quays at Port-en-Bessin
The Seine at Courbevoie Young Woman Powdering Herself
James Tissot top
The Return of the Prodigal Son La Partie Carree HMS Calcutta
Lilacs On the Thames The Shop Girl
Hush! Bad News Seaside
Hide and Seek The Bridesmaid
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec I top
A Corner of the Moulin de la Galette At the Moulin Rouge (The Promenade) At the Moulin Rouge
At the Moulin Rouge: Start of the Quadrille At the Moulin Rouge: Two Women Waltzing Divan Japonais
In Bed Justine Dieuhl in the Garden of Père-Forest La Goulue Arriving at the Moulin Rouge with Two Women
Madame Poupoule at her Toilet Marcelle Lender Dancing the Bolero in the Operatta 'Chilpéric'
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec II top
Messalina Descends the Stairs Lined by Female Figures Monsieur Désiré Dihau, Bassoonist at the Opera Monsieur Louis Pascal
Moulin Rouge: La Goulue Portrait of Vincent van Gogh Rice Powder
The Englishwoman from Le Star at Le Havre (Miss Dolly) The Jockey The Laundress
The Omnibus Company Trace Horse The Toilet
Vincent van Gogh I top
Cafe Terrace at Night Paul Gauguin's Armchair Peasant Woman Binding Sheaves (After Millet)
Prisoners Exercising Self-Portrait Self-Portrait with Straw Hat
Sorrowing Old Man (At Eternity's Gate) The Olive Trees The Sower
The Yellow House (Vincent's House) Vincent's Bedroom in Arles
Vincent van Gogh II top
Auvers Town Hall in 14 July Gasse om Saintes Maries Irises
La Mousme Portrait of Dr. Gachet Self-Portrait
Self-Portrait with Severed Ear Starry Night over the Rhône The Church in Auvers sur Oise, View from the Chevet
Vase with 12 Sunflowers View of Arles with Irises in the Foreground
Vincent van Gogh III top
L'Arlesienne Portrait of Madame Ginoux Painter on his Way to Work Portrait of the Old Farmer Patience Scalier
Self-Portrait Self-Portrait The Night Cafe
The Old Mill The Potato Eaters Van Gogh's Chair
View of Arles, Flowering Orchards View of the Church of Saint Paul de Mausole
Johannes Vermeer I top
A Lady Writing Young Woman Seated at a Virginal Christ in the House of Martha and Mary
Girl Interrupted at her Music Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window Girl with a Flute
Girl with a Pearl Earring Girl with a Red Hat Lady Writing a Letter with her Maid
Mistress and Maid Officer and Laughing Girl
Johannes Vermeer II top
Portrait of a Young Woman The Art of Painting The Astronomer
The Concert The Geographer The Girl with the Wine Glass
The Glass of Wine The Lacemaker The Little Street
The Love Letter The Milkmaid
Johannes Vermeer III top
The Music Lesson The Procuress View of Delft
Woman Asleep at Table Woman Holding a Balance Woman in Blue Reading a Letter
Woman with a Lute Young Woman Playing a Guitar Young Woman Standing at a Virginal
Young Woman with a Pearl Necklace Young Woman with a Water Pitcher