What's on King

What's on King for iOS is a great new way to enjoy 98.1 King FM, Seattle's listener-supported classical music radio station.

Streaming audio

What's on King lets you listen to King FM while gardening or walking and tells you what's playing now and what's coming up next.

What's playing right now?

See what's currently playing →, including:

  • time start | elapsed | remaining
  • title
  • composer
    • name
    • dates when available
    • country when available
    • background image when available
  • performers
  • album info when available

What program's on?

King FM offers many interesting programs, and knowing which program is playing now can enhance your experience.

Here you can see that Morning Show with Brad Eaton, which plays on weekday mornings, has another hour or so to go.

Other programs include:

  • Mozart at 8, Weekdays at 8AM
  • Bach's Lunch, Weekdays at noon
  • Saturday Night Opera, Saturdays at 8 PM
  • Sunday Baroque with Suzanne Bona, Sun 9 AM
  • The Organ Loft, Sundays at 10 PM
  • and many more

What's playing today?

Most classical music stations will tell you what's playing right now; some will tell what already's been played.

King FM tells you what's playing today—all 24 hours worth. This makes it handy to scan today's playlist and—ohhh, Beethoven's Eroica is playing this afternoon at 3 o'clock. I'll definitely have to tune in for that!

More info?

From the playlist, you can tap any piece to see details about that piece.

In particular, various recordings are listed for the piece, including those by the currently featured artist as well as others.

Can I hear a recording?

if you want to hear a snippet of an album that's not currently playing, tap the album to see the iTunes listing for that album, then tap the desired track for a 90-second snippet.

You can also purchase the album if you like what you hear.